tisdag 26 mars 2013

Don'ts: Git hooks as CI/deploy tool


I want to get Heroku-like functionality for deploying new version - just git push and you're done. Crazy sexy cool.

I did try with git hooks in various ways, but since I run the server as a nohup jetty-process (I know) and have to kill that in brutal ways, cannot be sure on the merging of the branches since I had the git repo checked out (use a intermediate bare repo, please) I could not get it work. It was also really hard to know what was happening.

The search light is now against lein-war (for running in tomcat7) and some nice pallet solution.\

Git hooks is awesome for other things, but they are no system deployment/ continuous integration tool.

Update: I'm now a happy Jenkins user. Easy to get started with!

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